Plants had always been a part of Tanner's life, but he didn't really know how much he missed them until he moved to Texas!

It was that need to connect with nature that drove him to start bringing in plants to his family's home. What started out as a few, quickly turned into several...and then dozens. You see, not only does Tanner love connecting with nature, but he's a homebody- which means he loves his home, and he loves making it into a space he enjoys. Which, for him, means lots of plants! 

As his collection grew, so grew other people's interest in his collection. He was overwhelmed with people asking for plant care advice and wanting him to open a shop. After lots of consideration, he and his wife, Erika, went for it!

Now they are proud to be able to provide quality tropical house plants to the people of their community, and to those all over the United States. Tanner The Planter is not only proud to provide lush greenery for your indoor space, but also has a mission to do away with the idea that anyone has a "green thumb," as that implies that plants aren't meant for everyone...because they're TOTALLY for everyone! 


Did you know that all of our customers get access to Tanner the Planter's private Facebook group? Yep! Members enjoy exclusive offers, tips, and advice from Tanner himself! 

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