We've all done it...

Tell me if this sounds familiar....

You're at the grocery store when a beautiful plant catches your eye. Your mind instantly flashes to that one little weird space on your counter top that would be PERFECT! But then you remember the last time you tried to keep a plant. It died. You have a black thumb. You aren't meant to have you walk away.

Later in your grocery shopping the image of that perfect little plant comes back in your mind. On the way to the checkout line you hurry by the plant section, grab the plant and put it in your cart. You don't dare look around for fear that someone might have actually seen you picking out that plant that is surely going to die. "The AUDACITY," they would surely think.

Ok, you make it through checkout unscathed, except the teller who gave you that, "alright, lady," look. You get it home. You put it in its perfect spot, and let out a sigh of relief. "It's beautiful!" The care tag reads, "Place plant in bright light," and ",keep soil evenly damp." Hmmm, you think, it IS pretty bright in there, especially in the morning! Sometimes I even have to close the shutters...totally bright light. And duh, I can keep the soil evenly moist. EASY.

The next morning, determined to be a good plant parent, you give it some water. You might even mutter some words of encouragement. Have you named it yet? Better name it.... Harold. Harold is a good name for this beauty.

Another day passes, it STILL looks beautiful. You've finally figured it out! Encouraged by your success, you remember to water it again the next day. You're an AWESOME plant parent! It still looks amazing!

Because you're so good, you continue this daily, or semi-daily routine of plant care.

Day six. Uh oh- what's this? a little yellow leaf? "I must not be watering enough!" I AM SO SORRY HAROLD. You give him an extra thorough watering.

Day seven...Harold is looking even worse. What are you doing wrong? Why is this plant dying?! Images of the last plant you killed flash in your mind.

Day after day Harold gets progressively worse....

Finally, you call it quits and throw Harold in the trash. "Never again," you say. "I just have a black thumb!"

We have all been there. We have all done it. There's NO SHAME!

One of our main goals here at TTP (Tanner The Planter) is to give real care instructions-not subjective advice like "bright light." When you purchase a plant from us, you go on our Facebook Customer Group. On there you'll find a care video for you plant, along with directions on how to determine light, how to water, and many other tips and tricks. Also, you'll have full access to the expert himself, Tanner. Still not feeling confident with the care videos? Send Tanner a message! He can show you where to put your plant inside your home, and give you quick rundown of everything you'll need to know to be successful with your plant.

Make sure to subscribe to our blog for tips and tricks!

Next week we'll cover light!


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